Wedding Shoe Essentials

Wedding Shoe Essentials

Mar 6th 2019

There are many things you need to think about before the big wedding day approaches and the magic date starts. But the most important part is searching for the perfect wedding. Woman all around the world go hunting for the perfect shoe, perfect height heel, comfort level, style, design.

In your journey to find the perfect shoe you are going use to walk down the aisle it’s necessary to plan ahead.
The biggest tip we can give you is before you find the perfect memorable dress, you have to find the perfect shoes first!

Finding Your Ideal Shoe Style

White shoes may be tradition but it’s normal these days to go for a coral, light blue, or other pastel color.

While picking your shoes, you also have to decide on what colors your bridesmaids will be as well.

Finding Your Ideal Shoe Style

Flat shoes

If you think heels is not what you want on your big day, then flats are for you (especially if you are the same height or taller than the groom). Sadly, not all flats are the same. On average, they may be more comfortable than heels but the size of the shoe will either make it comfortable to walk in or even run (depending on how late you are to your own wedding).

One of the most famous wedding flats from ShuShop is Yana-03. Comfortable, sleek, and keeps the eyes on the dress.

Flat Sandals

If you are thinking of a wedding outside, on a beach, or in a garden, flat sandals will work perfectly!

The best part about wearing some nice sandals is that your toes will show and your hard work before the wedding day will get to be shown off!

1A is a perfect example of simple and stylish shoes to match any dress that comes your way.

1B, ShuShop’s pair of Marlo-9A, is an embellished and creative sandal with rainbow rhinestones and white crystals to make you glister in the distance. 


Heel Styles

When you are looking at the style of shoe you also have to think of the size of your heel -this can affect the comfort and fit of your shoe. Luckily, we are here to help you through this process.

1. Wedges

If you want to go for a shoe with some height but you may still be outside and want something easier to walk in, open wedges such as JANELLE-84 is for you.

2. Pumps

If you’ve always dreamed about being a princess on your wedding day, high heels may be your go-to. They are usually wider, closed-toed with soft lining like LISBETH-84.

3. Ankle Strap Heels

These in style wedding shoes are known to be secure and elegant with a subtle platform such as Julissa-01. 

4. Strappy Heel Sandals

Gladiator straps are the all-in-one bold, attention-getting, and comfortable shoes. The latest style that fiance’s love are ELLE-84. 

Last But Not Least

When you are ready, buy the shoe before your wedding and practice wearing them around the house. Make sure to break them in beforehand so you don’t have a clumsy moment on your big day.

The Most Important Tip

After you found the perfect shoes, make sure to take them with you while selecting your ultimate dress. You want your dress to fit your shoes and be tailored to show them off.