ShuShop: Trending Shoes For Spring Break

ShuShop: Trending Shoes For Spring Break

Apr 2nd 2019

The new year came and so did a brand new you with tons of excitement to start anew. But while nearing the end of March and the new year anticipation has worn off… Its time for some fun and excitement again! What could be more fun than Spring Break in Miami? Spring break in Miami with a pair of brand new ShuShop Shoes that give you style, class, and a unique appeal that makes all your friends jealous.

Spring Break is not only for fun and great weather, but it’s also a perfect season to try new clothes and shoes, and up your footwear game with style. There are tons of amazing new styles coming out and we wanted to save you the confusion and list the top shoes that you would enjoy this Spring Break. We don’t want you to only look good but feel good and have tons of style to boot. Get it? Pun intended ;)

Shoes #5:

You finally get some time off from school, work, and life so you want to get a feel of the ocean air and to enjoy what Florida has to offer. But, you don’t want to look bad just because you are going to the beach. That’s when you wear a pair of cute flat thong sandals called Daphne - 91’s. Flexible and comfortable but still stylish especially this Spring Break.

Shoe #4

So, you have enjoyed the beach all day and you are ready to go to get dressed to go grab a drink with friends, you want to dress up but you don’t want to overdo it or be uncomfortable. That’s when you reach for a pair Jessica 91 fashion wedge sandals.

That way you can use to dance, walk, and still look fashionable while you hit the town. The hot pink is a seasonal favorite!

Shoe #3

Sometimes you are in the mood to wear heels, and other times you are in the mood to kick butt and take names. That’s when you wear your comfortable and stylish pair of Paulette 91’s. They would look great with a pair of shorts and a cute tank top while strolling along the beach walk.

Shoe #2

Djuna’s flat gladiator sandals are a pair you can wear anywhere and any time. They’re so versatile and seem to be one of the hottest shoes lately. Wear them with a pair of jeans or with some shirts, they will be a pair you can use even after the Spring season is over.

Shoe #1

BERNARDA-84 are our number one recommendation this Spring break season. Slingback strap with buckle fastening and open toe design make them the kind of footwear to wear on a trip to the mall, shopping center, or boardwalk, yet still capable of pulling off that fashionable look during a night out on the town.

Now you have tons of extra shoes to add to your list this Spring Break season. Act fast and grab a pair of the hottest shoes this Spring Break. Visit this page and place an order today while they last! See you at the beach!